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Judging Criteria

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Judging will be performed by three industry professionals using the following criteria.

Category appropriate: Entries in the wrong category may be re-assigned or disqualified at the judges’ discretion.


  • Curb Appeal
  • Proportion and scale
  • Market relevance


  • Use of space/flow
  • Sightlines
  • Consideration for logical furniture arrangement
  • Market relevance
  • Details

Functional Strengths:

  • How well the design meets client criteria and overcomes challenges as stated in the project description
  • Whether the design fills a particular niche or demonstrates innovation in its category


  • How well do the presentation materials (including documentation, description, and imagery) help the judges to understand and evaluate the project according to the criteria listed above

Green Design Category:

How the building is situated to benefit from environmental influences

  • What measures were taken to reduce the project’s environmental impact
  • How well were those measures carried out, and how did they impact the function and aesthetic of the project

Working Drawings Category:

  • How well do the working drawings communicate the details of the design to the tradespeople that will use them
  • Organization
  • Drafting technique and proficiency
  • Detail

Indoor Living Category:

  • Does the interior space’s design serve the space’s function in a particularly unique or pleasing way?
  • Whether the merit is in the designer’s work regarding space planning, permanent finishes, and details rather than transient elements (such as furnishings) that may represent a client’s or interior decorator’s tastes.

Design Feature Category:

  • The purpose and function of the element, detail, or feature, as well as its aesthetic merit.

Healthy Home:

  • Judging for this category considers the creative nature of the “healthy home” solution(s) and their integration.

Resilient Design:

  • Judging for this category will consider the design’s aesthetics and the structure’s resiliency.

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Program Chairperson:

Brandon Clokey, ARDA Chairman

Mr. Brandon Clokey formed a business at the age of 18 with the help of his father that included preliminary residential design and consulting. Local companies immediately sought out his services to help establish CAD networks and in-house instruction programs. After attending college in Cincinnati, Mr. Clokey relocated to Columbus, where he worked as an adjunct CAD Instructor in The Ohio State University landscape architecture department. The following year he became the youngest faculty member in the history of Columbus State Community College, where he taught Architectural Cad for several years. While spending over 20 years in Minnesota, Mr. Clokey has served as a CAD Visualization consultant on commercial projects with Best Buy, Target, The Duluth Children’s Museum, College of St. Scholastica, and the Bismarck, North Dakota International Airport.

This Year’s Jury:

Join us.

The ARDA Committee is still finalizing its jury. Click here to apply to be an ARDA judge.

Typically, the committee looks for three AEC industry professionals, each one representing a discipline, i.e., building designer, interior designer, builder, and architect.

Judging is done virtually as a group. You must have an internet connection, a webcam, a microphone, and the ability to share your screen.

We will attempt to judge all the entries during two eight-hour online sessions from 9:00 am ET to 5:00 pm ET on June 19, 20, and 21, 2024.

AIBD provides a $599 stipend to each judge for the approximately 20 hours of work, plus two complimentary tickets to the ARDA gala, to be held on July 27, 2023, in beautiful San Antonio, Texas.

It’s preferred that judges not submit entries into the ARDA program. However, it is not prohibited under very limited circumstances.

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